Who We Are

We {Pamela Pettway and Candance Wilson} are Licensed Skin Care professionals that own and operate a Boutique Style Spa. Being in the wellness industry inspired us to want to give everyone a spa experience at home.

As born again Christians, we are inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. We believe that he loves us so very much and made the ultimate sacrifice for our souls. It is our desire to spread the Gospel of Salvation and Grace and tell the world about him. We also desire to encourage Christians to look forward to and enjoy their time alone with God.

We offer high quality, God Centered, Spa, Wellness and Self Care tools from Candles, Bath Salts, Kosher Tea and more to come. You can learn more about us, shop with us and join our growing community, by signing up for our email list, following us on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shop.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage everyone to enjoy and look forward to their time alone with God.